Favorite Tune of the Day 

Stereophonics – Maybe Tomorrow
Procrastinator song. Worries are for tomorrow because today I’m still living! Song long as I have breath in my lungs, I have enjoyment in my life! One last ride til the lights are out!  Love you!

Favorite Tune of the Day 

Mr. Carmack – Brazilian Blowjob 


You Notices Love strolling by. Without hesitation you stop Love “Heeeeeeey….Do you remember me?” 

Love: (gives a satisfying smile)

You: “Please tell me you remember me?”, “I seriously I did not want let you leave!

Love: (quick right eye wink)

Favorite Tune of the Day 

Brookville – Nothing is meant to last
Do you ever notice in almost each film or tv show that there’s a climax?  There’s a point to where whomever plays the lead role can do no wrong. Full euphoria.  The sun is at its highest peak of the day.  The summer days are beautiful. Hey…Enjoy it while it last!