Favorite Tune of the Day 

Mr. Carmack – Brazilian Blowjob  SCENE I You:  Notices Love strolling by. Without hesitation you stop Love “Heeeeeeey….Do you remember me?”  Love: (gives a satisfying smile) You: “Please tell me you remember me?”, “I seriously I did not want let you leave!” Love: (quick right eye wink)

Favorite Tune of the Day

Jamiroquai ft. James Brown ft. Gorillaz – Tallulah Feels Good I stumbled upon this crazy recipe… Jamiroquai (Talluluah) with a bit of James Brown (I Feel Good) and a sprinkle of Gorillaz (Feels Good).  Great for a “Saturday I’m not in the mood to deal with anybody, I just wanna chill kind of a night!”