My Favorite Tune of the Day

Garbage – Temptation Waits I’m like an addict coming at you for a little more. There so much at stake, I can’t afford to wait… I’ve never needed anyone like this before! – Shirley Manson (Garbage)

Favorite Time of the Day

Potsu – Letting Go Taking a step back to look at the chalk board. The drawn out chaos that you’ve written. There’s a solution to be found. This so called solution would not be possible to find. If you would’ve never taken a step back. (Letting Go) The start over will hit like a slowContinue reading “Favorite Time of the Day”

Favorite Tune of the Day

MED, Blu, Madlib (feat. MF Doom) – Knock, Knock “Now everything about you I’ve heard outside really doesn’t seem that badAnd when I think about you the people groove, really seems to make them mad!” – Bernie Worrell