Favorite Tune of the Day 

Ok Go! – White Knuckles 
Life has so many twist and turns. Ups and downs. Unquestionably there are those moments when it feels like the downs out way the good. As human beings we try to peek over the fence because the grass looks greener. Here’s a word or two of advice… stick to the grind because “Maybe it’s not so bad!”

Favorite Tune of the Day

Banda Dalai Lam – Ya tak Lublu

Doesn’t matter which language you speak or understand.  When the song is good you will listen!

Favorite Tune of the Day

Cat Power – Love & Communication

There’s always a risk you take to fall in love and communicate with that love.  There can always be something better if you have the time to search for it.  Unfortunately time doesn’t work well with the two because there is never enough of time in a lifetime.  But there are reasons that certain things go hand in hand!  With communication some form of love (bond) develops.  With love there is communication automatically!  Communication comes in different forms.  Do I need to explain love too?

Favorite Tune of the Day

Blue Six – Music & Wine

Always sticks by your side.  Always knows how you feel. Understands you completely.  Brings back old memories.  Keeps the party going. Tells you that you can dance.  Oh must I not forget…It goes great with cheese!!!  “You can get high just to past the time… but Music and Wine are the only friends of mine!”