Favorite Tune of the Day

Mau Mau – Venus Nabalera


Congratulations to one of the greatest players to every play the game!  I enjoyed watching you play and grow with the best that played.  Thanks for your passion and heart for the game and thanks for being an entertainer.  I mean seriously how many people can say that they’ve had two jersey numbers retired… only one Kobe Bryant!

Favorite Tune of the Day 

The Go! Team – Milk Crisis

In my opinion Monday’s should involve motivational and positive things only. Motivational thoughts, positive thoughts, motivational conversations, positive friends, positive energy and most importantly motivational music!

Favorite Tune of the Day 

Jill Scott – I just wanna be loved (Jason B Remix)

When it all boils down to it… We just want to be loved or we just want to feel accepted! Loved/Accepted by what or by whom is the question.  Another person, family, parents, money, nature, classmates teammates… the cool group!