Favorite Tune of the Day

Soul Avengerz – Love You Feel

Let’s start a debate. Nothing makes you feel free like a good song. When your soul feels the song, parts of your body move uncontrollably. Good Music is for the soul. Free your soul. Dance uncontrollably without caring who sees!

Favorite Tune of the Day

Miami Horror – I Look To You (feat. Kimba)

Sometimes we need those human jumper cables to get the weekend started. Left arm negative Right arm positive – one big hug oh and one big drink. You know to get things started.

Favorite Tune of the Day

Luka – Unexpected (Rancido’s Traveling Mix)

They will never know what you’re capable of. But when the volcano erupts no one is safe and no one will be spared. No One!

Favorite Tune of the Day

Kool & The Gang – Summer Madness (Extended Version)

The days are longer. The nights are shorter. That Summer Madness is starting to kick in. Sit outside and take it all in!

My Favorite Tune of the Day

Lakey Inspired – Better Days

How to find your superpowers:

Look to the left and there’s nothing right and then look to the right and see there’s nothing left.