Favorite Tune of the Day

Something For Kate – Monsters

So my monsters seem to come out to torture me when there’s no one to lend an ear. When there’s no one willing to wear my shoes. When they know that i am in a room without a door nor window to ease my mind into an escape. Mr. Understood, because these cards are not worth playing. I’ve lost too many battles to these monsters just to be told i am the reason that they come. Expectations never par. Hopefullness has only produced disappointments. How can I be nursed back to my feet and be a part of a healthy sunshine that gives me happiness and strength through this happiness that’s soul fulfilling? Because monsters don’t stand a chance against my ideal world.

Favorite Tune of the Day

Depeche Mode – The Love Thieves

For the longest time i was lead to believe that happiness is a drug. An addictive drug. SMH…Happiness is an energy. A powerful and bright energy. When others see it, they want a taste of it. But beware of those that want to use you for it. They want it all. They want to steal that joy, that happiness, that power. And leave you laying wondering what happened. Now don’t get happiness confused with love. Love is too powerful for one soul. It’s better when it’s shared, because there’s always a price to pay for Love.

Favorite Tune of the Day

Sting – (Epilogue) Nothing Bout Me

Straight forward… I’m just a simple man. But you still don’t know me! Because I’m not like anyone that you’ve experienced. It’s hard to understand the simpleness of just being simple and calm!

My Favorite Tune of the Day

Garbage – Temptation Waits

I’m like an addict coming at you for a little more. There so much at stake, I can’t afford to wait… I’ve never needed anyone like this before! – Shirley Manson (Garbage)

Favorite Tune of the Day

Les Hommes – Intraspettro

Getting away from it all is not running away from reality. It’s just buying yourself time until you’re strong enough to fight back!

Favorite Tune of The Day

Biggie Smalls – Party n Bullshit (Remix). There’s nothing negative about being a Rebel. Especially when you’re beating the competition.