Favorite Tune of the Day

Katie Melua – Piece by Piece

Can I let go and just walk away? The process is done little by little. These songs that express the freedom of letting go of those things that have abused you seem to always speak to my soul. Those songs that explain clearly how it will feel to let go. The methods taken to let go of this that will never be. The melodies from these songs have always put my soul at ease because they understand me completely. They speak the truth clearly but yet in still i can’t adhere to their advice. Someone save me from myself!

Favorite Tune of the Day

Something For Kate – Monsters

So my monsters seem to come out to torture me when there’s no one to lend an ear. When there’s no one willing to wear my shoes. When they know that i am in a room without a door nor window to ease my mind into an escape. Mr. Understood, because these cards are not worth playing. I’ve lost too many battles to these monsters just to be told i am the reason that they come. Expectations never par. Hopefullness has only produced disappointments. How can I be nursed back to my feet and be a part of a healthy sunshine that gives me happiness and strength through this happiness that’s soul fulfilling? Because monsters don’t stand a chance against my ideal world.

Favorite Tune of the Day

Fauxliage – All The World

That familiar face is hiding behind that wall and keeps peeking it’s head out. It knows it’s been seen. It has no fear. Eventually it will be fed and I will be the one to feed it. It knows my life better than I know my own. The Owner!

My Favorite Tune of the Day

The Notwist – Pilot

Unfortunately this spaceship ride called life set on autopilot doesn’t slowdown. Only if we could take control and become the pilot ourselves!