Favorite Tune of the Day 

The Supremes – Love Child

A little soul music to wake up that soul. Do me a favor… secretly record someone listening to soul music. They’ll be doing some weird dance move with their head and won’t give 2 shits to who’s watching them! Soul music reveals one’s true self!

Favorite Tune of the Day 

Lina – Come to Mama (Reelsoul Remix)

This is the remix version by Reelsoul. The original is just as good but, I chose this one because I like the uptempo groove it has. Enjoy 

Favorite Tune of the Day

Mau Mau – Venus Nabalera


Congratulations to one of the greatest players to every play the game!  I enjoyed watching you play and grow with the best that played.  Thanks for your passion and heart for the game and thanks for being an entertainer.  I mean seriously how many people can say that they’ve had two jersey numbers retired… only one Kobe Bryant!

Favorite Tune of the Day 

Beach House – Master of None

Temptations knock at your door because they know what good feels like!

Favorite Tune of the Day 

Al Green – Look what you done for me 

Listen… “Sometimes I wanna leave but, then I say. It wouldn’t make sense at all anyways!  Preach Al Preach